Thermometer, QUICK191AD


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1. QUICK191AD can measure the tip temperature accurately and quickly with CA sensor (Diameter: 0.2mm).
2. With auto shut-off function, shut-off time can be set. The unit will shut off automatically if left alone to setting time.
3. It can record the max temperature. The highest temperature of tip will display when pressing the button written on “MAX HOLD”.
4. Celsius type and Fahrenheit interchangeable.


Resolution 1℃(1℉)
Measuring range 0-800℃(32-1500℉)
Accuracy ±5℃ or ±10℉
Sensor K-type Thermocouple
Shut-off time 1-240 min
Display 3.5 digit liquid crystal display
a) Battery alarm
b) Burnout
Power supply 9V battery
Dimensions 85(W)*35(H)*147(D)mm
Weight About 250g (include the battery)
Ambient temperature 0-40℃