Pre-Heat and Reflow Hot Plate, QUICK870ESD

Pre-Heat and Reflow Hot Plate, QUICK870ESD


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1. Special heater, surface temperature distributes evenly.
2. Closed loop of sensor, PID control, precise and stable temperature.
3. Two switches control power supply and heating separately. Actual temperature of the plate will also display even under unheated condition, can avoid accidents.
4. Suitable for PCB preheating and other process which requires whole and even heating.
5. ESD safe design.


Power 800 W
Plate area 180*200mm
Plate material Aluminum
Temperature sensor K-type thermocouple
Temperature range 50℃-300℃
Ambient conditions 0-40℃
Temperature stability ±2℃
Dimensions 280(L)*290(W)*100(H)mm
Weight About 5.8kg
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