BGA Rework System, QUICK EA-A10


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1. The top heater of the machine is heated by hot air. The bottom heater is heated by infrared ray and hot air as well.
2. The size of the optical alignment prism is 50×50mm.
3. The hot air BGA rework station can memorize the soldering and de-soldering height, placement height and alignment height.
4. This machine can be equipped with various kinds of nozzles.
5. The crossflow cooling fan is provided with this product to cool down the bottom heating area and the PCB during operation. The air speed can be controlled through programming.


General Power 4200W (Max.)
Voltage 220V AC 50Hz
Power of Top Heater (hot air) 1200W
Power of Bottom Heater (hot air) 1200W
Power of Bottom Heater (infrared preheating) 1600W
Air Speed of Side Cooling Fan ≤ 3.5m³/min
Hot Air Temperature 400℃ (Max.)
Infrared Preheating Temperature 400℃ (Max.)
Bottom Preheating Area 400×400 mm
Max. PCB Size 420×450 mm
BGA Size Range 2×2~60×60 mm
Placement Precision ±0.025 mm
Placement Force 1.5N/zero pressure placement (two modes)
Camera 12 /300mA; 22×10 magnifying; Horizontal resolution: 480 lines; PAL format (line-by-line inversion)
LED Light Top lighting: blue LED ; Bottom lighting: orange LED (brightness adjustable)
Communication USB (Connected with PC)
External K-type Sensor 5pcs
Weight About 55kg
Dimension 810(L)mm×675(W)mm×835(H)mm