BGA Rework System , QUICK EA-H15


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1. The infrared sensor is used to detect the surface temperature of BGA. So the closed-loop control and the even heat distribution is realized.
2. The PL part of the infrared BGA rework station is designed with dichromatic vision alignment, which realizes the good coordination of the solder ball and the pad.
3. The machine is connected with PC via IRSoft to record and analyze the operating process, and form the curve.



Power 2600W (Max.)
Bottom Preheating Power 1600W (400W×4, dark infrared heater)
2000W (500W×4, high infrared heating tube, optional)
Power of Top Heater 720W (120W×6, infrared heating tube, wave length: 2-8µm)
Range of Top Heating Area 20-60mm (X, Y adjustable)
Bottom Preheating Area 290×290mm
Max. PCB Size 400×400mm
Communication USB (Connected with PC)
Temperature Sensor Non-contact infrared sensor
Weight About 55kg
Dimension 850(L)×650(W)×730(H)mm


Camera 22×10 times magnifying; 12V/300mA; Horizontal resolution: 480 lines; PAL format
Prism Size 50mm×50mm
BGA Size Range 2×2-60×60(mm)
Video Output Signal Video signal


RPC 22×10 times magnifying
Horizontal resolution: 480 lines
PAL format

Note:monitor is not the standard configuration for this product. It is optional.