Lead Free Rework Station, QUICK856AE


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1. Three regular channels are CH1, CH2 and CH3. Parameters of each channel like time, air volume and temperature can be pre-set, and can be changed in channel CH0.
2. Password protection and button lock function available, to prevent menu from being changed randomly.
3. Easy real-time operation, auto sleeping function available. Parameters can be set while lead free soldering station is in sleeping status.
4. Closed loop sensor. Temperature controlled by micro computer zero trigger, large power, rapid temperature rising, and temperature can be easily and accurately adjusted, not effected by airflow.
5. Brushless fan, wide range of airflow adjustable, suitable for many applications.
6. Auto cooling function available, long lifetime ceramic heater.


Power 1200W
Voltage AC 220V
Temperature range 100℃-500℃
Working time 1-999s (“—“means not influenced by time, work all the time)
Airflow range 6-200
Max airflow 200L/min
Dimensions 250(L)*230(D)*150(H)mm
Weight Around 3.8kg

Replaceable Nozzles