Lead Free Rework Station, QUICK860DA


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1. Designed with closed loop sensor, the temperature can be controlled by microcomputer zero trigger.
2. There is a LED display designed for this lead free rework station.
3. Fast heating. Since the temperature will not be affected by the air volume, the temperature obtained is quite accurate and stable.
4. With the inductive switch installed inside the handle, the machine will start working when you pick up the handle. If the handle is placed on the holder, the machine will enter the standby status automatically.
5. The handle produced in light weight is quite convenient for operation.
6. The digital temperature calibration makes for easy operation of the lead free rework station.
7. The heating element is designed with insert-plug. Besides the easy maintenance, the design also realizes the using of different kinds of nozzles.
8. The automatic cooling function provides effective protection to the machine and extends the service life of the heating element.


Power Consumption 120W
Display LED(resolution 1)
Pump Diaphragm
Air Volume 0.3-6.8L /min, stepless adjustable
Noise ﹤60dB
Temperature Range 100-450℃
Heating Mode Ceramic Heater
Dimensions 100(W)×210(L)×135(H)mm
Weight About 2.6kg