Self-Feeder, QUICK373E ESD


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1. Designed with one-button feeding and backing function, easy operation.
2. Self-feeder can be used with many types of soldering stations.
3. Auto and manual feeding modes available, easy operation.
4. Feeding speed, time and interval time can be set, with adjustable backing function.
5. Pedal switch and hand switch available.
6. ESD safe design.


Power consumption 20W
Motor Step motor
Feeding speed 2.7mm/s-27mm/s
Feeding interval time 0-2.7s
Backing length 0-25mm
Feeding mode Auto(1-9)/Manual(0)
Diameter of soldering wire 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0(mm)
Soldering wire usable ≤1kg