Self-Feeder Soldering Station, QUICK375B+ ESD


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1. Ceramic heating element has a long life span. 24V DC heating results in safe and reliable.
2. Temperature controlled by RTD sensor, rapid heating.
3. The temperature is precise and stable.
4. Stable motor, automatic feeding, sliding switch design.
5. More functions available and adjustable, such as feeding speed, feeding volume, interval time, and backing time etc.
6. Two operation modes: auto and manual.
7. Soldering direction may be changed as needed.
8. It is suitable for soldering connectors, adapters and soldering under other special conditions.


Motor Step Motor
Soldering iron power consumption 60W
Temperature range 200℃-480℃
Temperature stability ±2℃(stationary air, no load)
Feeding speed About 2.7mm/s-27mm/s(36°/s-360°/s)
Feeding interval time 0-2.7s
Feeding volume 0-150mm
Backing time 0-0.9s (about 0-25mm, regular speed: 360°/s)
Feeding mode Auto (1-9)/Manual (0)
Diameter of wire usable 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2mm
Solder Wire Usable ≤1kg (roll)
Dimensions 200(L)*138(W)*140(H) mm
Weight About 2.6kg

Replaceable tips