Desoldering Tool, QUICK201B ESD


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1. ESD safe design.
2. Powerful built-in vacuum pump imported from Japan.
3. Precise temperature control with closed-loop sensor.
4. 36V low voltage heater, fully isolated, safe and reliable.
5. LED digital display, auto sleep function.
6. Digital temperature calibration.
7. Specially designed suction nozzle and heater, even melting solder can be absorbed into filter, resulting in little maintenance, and high efficiency.
8. Long lifetime heater.
9. Heat resistant vacuum hose.
10. Lead free soldering main unit. The desoldering tool uses lead free desoldering gun, to achieve lead free desoldering.


Pump power 12V/2A
Heating power 90W
Temperature range 200℃-450℃
Pump diaphragm
Vacuum pressure 600mmHg
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Dimensions 105(L)*250(W)*165(H)mm
Weight About 4.0kg

Replaceable nozzles