Ionizing Air Gun QUICK446E

Ionizing Air Gun QUICK446E


  • Description


1. Nozzle adjustable.
2. Controlled by pedal switch, can control the airflow and output ion high voltage simultaneously.
3. Built-in regulator of remnant voltage, adjusting ion balance quickly and effectively.
4. Energy saving, long lifetime.
5. Photoelectric switch optional.

The length of QUICK445E high-voltage wire is 3M.

Time for Static Neutralizing

Air Pressure Air flow Decay time Noise
0.2M Pa 0.06m3 /min 1.2s ≤71dB
0.4M Pa 0.12 m3 /min 0.6s ≤88dB
0.6M Pa 0.18 m3 /min 0.4s ≤95dB
0.7M Pa 0.20 m3 /min 0.3s ≤98dB

Note: Test distance: 15cm from the outlet of air gun.