Ionizing Bar+High Voltage Power Supply, QUICK448+QUICK446B and 446C


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Ionizing Bar + High Voltage Power Supply

1. Built-in intensive air tube, firm structure, nice and durable.
2. The ion emitter is completely isolated from 7KV input voltage, no danger of electronic shock even use continually, safe and reliable.
3. Built-in regulator of remnant voltage, adjusting ion balance quickly and effectively.
4. Suitable for large area of neutralizing applications, such as electronic, plastic, silk printing, pre-plating, pre-printing system, image processing and so on.



Input voltage AC 220V
Secondary output voltage AC 7KV
Power 20W
Dimensions 165(L)*103(W)*115(H)mm
Weight About 3.8kg

Note: Ionizing bar (which length is shorter than 1000mm) can be used with QUICK446B high-voltage power supply.
Ionizing bar (which length is between 1000mm and 2000mm) can be used with QUICK446C high-voltage power supply.


Voltage AC 7KV
Ion balance ≤±10V
Material of case Aluminum
Length 100-2000mm
Weight 1.5kg/m
Ozone production ≤0.03ppm