Ionizing Air Gun QUICK 445D


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1. Compact design, easy operation.
2. Neutralize static charges rapidly, removing fine sensitive components and materials easier.
3. Build-in regulator of remnant voltage, adjusting ion balance quickly and effectively.
4. Two ionizing air guns can be connected to QUICK446 high-voltage power supply at the same time.
5. Purchase separately.

Life expectancy: About 10000 hours (based on 8h/d, 250d/y, around 5 years).

Time for Static Neutralizing

Pressure Air flow Decay time Noise
0.2Mpa 0.06m3 /min 1.2s ≤71dB
0.4Mpa 0.12 m3 /min 0.6s ≤88dB
0.6Mpa 0.18 m3 /min 0.4s ≤95dB
0.7Mpa 0.20 m3 /min 0.3s ≤98dB

Note: Testing distance: 15cm from the outlet of the air gun.