Electrostatic Field Meter, QUICK431


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1. Four working modes available.
2. Two measuring functions: a) Static measurement: b) Ion balance voltage measurement.
3. Two potential measurement modes: a) Instantaneous value; b) Peak value
4. Easy operation, test distance can be adjusted conveniently.
5. Pocket design, easy to carry.


Power supply DC 9V battery
Display LCD with cursor and range
Static testing range Low range 0-±1.50KV, high range 1-±22.0KV(interchange automatically)
Ion balance testing range 0 – ±220V
Standard distance 25mm(±0.5mm)
Testing accuracy ±(10%+1 digit)
Standby current <3μA
Working current <15mA
Ambient conditions 0℃-50℃, <80%RH
Case ESD design
Dimensions 125(L)mm*70(W)mm*25(H)mm
Weight About 200g(including battery and ion balance testing board)

1. Measure charges of films and resin products.
2. Measure charges of production lines.
3. Measure charges of equipment surroundings.
4. Measure ion balance of static eliminator.