Rework System, QUICK712 ESD


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1. Password locking function, easy control.
2. Temperature adjusted by buttons, with auto sleeping and shut-off function.
3. Digital temperature calibration, easy operation.
4. Brushless fan, adjustable, stepless and wide range of air volume, suitable for various occasions.
5. Large air volume cooling function, long lifetime heating element. The hot air handle is protected.
6. Closed loop of sensor, precise temperature.
7. Light handle is comfortable for using.


Soldering part

Power consumption 90W
Temperature range 50℃ – 500℃
Sleeping temperature range 50℃ -250℃
Sleeping time range 0-250min
Temperature stability ±2℃ (stationary air, no load)
Ambient temperature(Max) 40℃
Tip to ground resistance < 2Ω

Hot air part

Power consumption 1000W
Temperature range 100℃-500℃
Air volume 1-120L/min
Ambient temperature(Max) 40℃
Temperature stability ±2℃ (stationary air, no load)