Large Power Lead Free Soldering Station, QUICK3205 ESD


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1. The large power lead free soldering station features of high frequency current heating, and fast heating and rapid thermal recovery, it is suitable for lead free soldering.
2. It is micro computer controlled, the temperature can be set by pressing keys and calibrated digitally. More functions are available, such as auto sleeping, auto shut-off.
3. Large power design (150 watt), max. 8mm tip is available.
4. Temperature is locked by password to ensure soldering process.
5. ESD with safe design, various types of tips are available.

Power: 150W
Temperature Range: 100-500℃
Temperature Stability: ±2℃(stationary air, no load)
Tip to Ground Potential: < 2mV
Tip to Ground Resistance: < 2Ω
Dimensions: 96(W)*160(D)*135(H) mm

Replaceable Tips