Lead Free Soldering Station, QUICK3103


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1. The lead free soldering station is designed in new appearance and stable structure.
2. The heating element with good heat resistance has longer service life.
3. The fast heating and thermal recovery will help you to improve the work efficiency.
4. Accurate and stable temperature control may provide precise operating condition.
5. We can provide different soldering tips.
6. The light soldering iron is quite comfortable for using.
7. The 3104 series supports setting and storage of three most-frequently used temperatures, which ensures easy operation.
8. The digitally calibrated temperature set up is locked by password (3104).


Model 3103 3104
Display Analog LCD
Power Consumption 70W 70W
Temperature Range 200℃-450℃ 100℃-450℃ (as per working modes)
Temperature Stability ±2℃(stationary air, no load) ±2℃(stationary air, no load)
Ambient temperature(Max) 40℃ 40℃
Tip to Ground Potential ﹤2mV ﹤2mV
Tip to Ground Resistance ﹤2Ω ﹤2Ω
Dimensions 83(W)×125(H)×140(L) mm 83(W)×125(H)×140(L) mm
Weight(no soldering iron) 1.38kg 1.38kg
Soldering Iron Length 1.2m 1.2m
Length of 901RAA (no cable) 190mm 190mm
Soldering Tip 961/960 series 961/960 series

Replaceable Tips