Ionizing Air Gun QUICK445F


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1. Ion balance: around ±10V, neutralize static charges rapidly.
2. Stable ion balance, adjust outside, easy operation.
3. Built-in silencer, low noise.
4. Capacitor coupling high voltage design, safe and reliable.
5. Air volume of QUICK445F adjustable.
6. Two ionizing air guns can be connected to QUICK446F-II at the same time.


Supply voltage 220V AC
Output high voltage 7KV0-40%
Sub short-circuit current <3mA
Power <30W

1. It’ll take around 10s to neutralize the static voltage ≤10V.
2. Test conditions: 300mm from the front panel, largest air volume.

Time for static neutralizing

Air Pressure Distance 15cm 30cm 45cm 60cm
0.2Mpa Decay time(S) 0.9s 1.0s 1.3s 1.4s 1.7s 2.1s 2.1s 2.9s
Ion balance(V) -1V +5V +6V 0V
0.4Mpa Decay time(S) 0.8s 1.0s 1.0s, 1.3s 1.3s 2.0s 1.9s 2.5s
Ion balance(V) 0V +1V +1V 0V
0.6Mpa Decay time(S) 0.8s 0.9s 1.0s 1.4s 1.4s 1.8s 1.5s 2.7s
Ion balance(V) -2V -4V +6V -14V

1. Ambient conditions: 22℃, 60-70%RH, test as per ANSI/EOS/ESD-S3.1-1991 standard.
2. Under 0.7MPa, noise below 80dB.
3. Test time of neutralize ion from 1000V to 10V and related ion balance voltage.