Charge Plate Monitor, QUICK432


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1. Use non-contact sensor, high test resistance and precision, stable.
2. Four working modes function, can be used as a voltmeter, parameters of four working modes can be set accordingly.
3. With ‘PASS’ function, parameters of which can be set according to product requirements, the charge plate monitor will alarm if test fails.
4. With data recording function, can record 100 groups of data for further reference.
5. Personality setting, select related functions according to customer’s requirements.
6. Built-in chargeable battery. It can be used even no external power supply.
7. Easy operation, convenient to carry.


Voltage range 0-±1000V
Voltage accuracy ±(5%+1 digit)
Time accuracy 1%
Time range 0-600s
External power supply DC 12V 400mA
Built-in chargeable battery 8.4V(Li)
Display LCD, screen size: 100mm*24mm
Standby time 600s
Ambient temperature 0℃-40℃
Relative humidity 0 – 70%
Test plate 152mm*152mm
Dimensions 152(L)*152(W)*225(H)mm
Weight About 1.76kg

Manufacture according to ESD-STM3.1-2000 and ABSU/EIS/ESD-S3.1-1991.