Ionizing Air Gun QUICK445EF


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1. Stable ion balance, adjust outside, easy operation.
2. Ion balance: around ±10V, neutralize static charges rapidly.
3. Built-in silencer, low noise, capacitor coupling high voltage design, safe and reliable.
4. Photoelectric switch and pedal switch optional. Switch can control the air flow and high voltage simultaneously.
5. Table –clamping design of 445EF, can adjust the direction of air hose freely.
6. Two ionizing air guns can be connected to QUICK446EF-II high-voltage power supply at the same time.


Air requirements Clean and dry air, 0.1-0.7MPa
Air connector 6*8mm PU pipe
High-voltage input 7KVAC0-40% 50Hz
Effective static discharge distance Within 1000mm