Surface Impedance Tester, QUICK499D


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1. This product is produced for measuring the surface coefficient and grounding resistance of objects, as well as the antistatic and insulating material.
2. The high precision OP-AMP amplifier and LED are designed for this machine.
3. The product has high sensitivity. Therefore, it is quite reliable for use.
4. The compact design makes it convenient for you to carry this product for operation.
5. The machine is manufactured with ASTM standard D-257 parallel electrode sensing method.


Measurement Range 103-1012Ω
Power Supply 9V battery
Accuracy ± 10%
Ambient Environment 0℃ – 49℃, RH 0% – 80%
Dimension 130(L)×72(W) ×35(H)mm
Weight About 170g (with battery)