Static Eliminator, QUICK440A


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1. Compact size, light, portable design, adjustable angle.
2. Quickly neutralizes static charges.
3. Large area of ionizing air.
4. Speed of fan adjustable, can generate large-area ion stream.
5. Long lifetime magnetic leakage transformer, can protect the unit from short circuit.
6. Build-in emitter cleaner, easy cleaning.
7. Safe and low power consumption heater.


Power consumption 20 W
Output voltage AC 5.6KV
Ion balance ≤±10V
Air volume ≤ 2.4m3 /min
Effective range 400*1500mm
Ozone production ≤0.03ppm(150mm from centre of air outlet)
Noise 45dB
Ambient temperature 0-40℃
Dimensions 140(L)*84(W)*220(H)mm
Weight About 2.6 Kg