BGA Rework System, QUICK EA-A00


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1. The heating material for this hot air BGA rework station is imported. It can provide precise control on the reworking process.
2. The top heater is heated by the hot air. For the bottom heater, it is designed by integrating the infrared heating and hot air heating.
3. The heating system of the top and the bottom heater can be controlled through programming to guarantee the accurate temperature and the uniform heating distribution.
4. Various kinds of nozzles are available for this product. Additionally, the replacement of the nozzle is quite easy.
5. The high power brushless DC fan is used to cool down the bottom heating area and the PCB during processing. Meanwhile, the air speed can be adjusted.
6. The hot air BGA rework station can be controlled through QUICKSOFT.
7. The large volume hot air with constant temperature is obtained with the large power brushless DC fan, temperature controlled by closed-loop sensor, and micro computer zero tripping.


General Power 4200W (Max.)
Voltage 220V AC 50Hz
Power of Top Heater(hot air heating) 800W
Power of Bottom Heater (hot air) 800W
Power of Bottom Heater(infrared preheating) 1600W (400W×4, infrared heating plate)
Air Speed of Side Cooling Fan ≤ 3.5m³/min
Hot Air Heating Temperature 500℃ (Max.)
Infrared Preheating Temperature 500℃ (Max.)
Bottom Preheating Area 300×350mm
Max. PCB Size 350×400mm
External K-type Sensor 3pcs
Communication Standard RS-232S(connected with PC)
Weight About 30kg
Dimension 750(L)mm×650(W)mm×520(H)mm