BGA Rework System , QUICK7610


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1. No nozzle is required for this infrared BGA rework station. In the process of reballing, no air flow is needed. So the success rate of reballing is higher.
2. The dark-infrared open type top heater, as well as the infrared-preheating reduce the vertical temperature difference between the BGA surface and the solder joint. Accordingly, the BGA soldering and de-soldering time is shortened.
3. The closed-loop control on the surface temperature of BGA is conducted through the non-contacted infrared temperature sensor. So the accurate temperature and the uniform heat distribution are obtained.
4. The PCB stand of the infrared BGA rework station can be moved towards four directions. The installation is quite easy.
5. The IRSoft operation interface can control the operation authorization and conduct the profile analysis.


Power 2400W (Max.)
Power of Bottom Preheating 1600W (Infrared ceramic heating plate)
Power of Top Heater 720W (Infrared heating tube, 2-8µm wave length, size: 60×60mm)
Bottom Preheating Area 260×260mm
Max. PCB Size 420×500mm
Max. BGA Size 60×60mm
Communication Standard RS-232C (Can be connected with PC)
Infrared Temperature Sensor 0-300℃ (Temperature range)
Dimension 800×580×520 (mm)
Weight 36kg