Infrared BGA Rework Station, QUICK855PG+QUICK855T+PCB Fixture


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1. Only 10s needed to desolder IC.
2. Password can be set to protect menu from inadvertent changes.
3. Key-lock function can protect parameters from inadvertent changes.
4. Excellent desoldering efficiency and speed. The whole process includes six programming phases, in which process parameters can be set according to various requirements.
5. 10 program channels available.
6. With vacuum suction pen, easy to use.
7. Large LCD display shows temperature, air volume, working time, etc.
8. Digital temperature calibration, easy and convenient.
9. Magnetic switch and pedal switch available makes our units easy to use.
10. Accurate temperature. Closed-loop temperature control ensures temperature stability up to ±2℃.
11. Auto sleeping, energy-efficient. Auto cooling function can prolong the lifetime of the heating element and protect the unit.
12. Working time can be set within a range of 1-999s.

1. Infrared ceramic heater, rapid heating, high efficiency, long lifetime.
2. Temperature controlled by K type thermocouple, closed loop with zero voltage heater switching, digital display, easy operation.
3. Can be used with QUICK855PG for maintenance of SMD and BGA.
4. The arm of Infrared BGA Rework Station can move easily and conveniently, easy operation.
5. Parts that need preheating can be placed on the stainless steel or fixture (assembled in addition).
6. Two switches are used to control power and heating separately. The temperature of the plate can also be read even in no heating status.
7. Built-in thermometer. Temperature of PCB can be easily tested.
8. Can control external cooling fan.



Rated output 1300W
Temperature range 100℃-500℃
Air volume From 6-200 class; Can set freely
Program phase Six phases
Vacuum suction force 0.03MP
Temperature stability ±2℃
Channel quantity Ten
Anti-static ESD Safe by design


Heating power 800W
Plate area 135*250mm
Material of heater Ceramic
Temperature sensor K type Thermocouple
Temperature range 50℃-350℃
Temperature stability ±1℃
Ambient temperature 0℃-40℃
Measurement range of thermocouple Room temperature-600℃
Accuracy ±8℃