High-Frequency Ionizing Air Gun, QUICK445S


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High-Frequency Ionizing Air Gun

1. Neutralize static charges effectively.
2. Low power supply, slight voltage fluctuation, no damage to products even use in close distance.
3. High density groups of ions generated by high frequency, not easy to lose in pipeline transit.
4. Compact design, low noise.


Input voltage DC 24V
Current 0.2A
Output high voltage High frequency 2000V
Frequency 60KHz
Max input pressure 0.7Mpa
Ion balance ≤±10V
Ozone production ≤0.03ppm

Time for Static Neutralizing

Air Pressure Distance 15cm 30cm 45cm 60cm
0.2Mpa Decay time(S) 0.6s 0.9s 0.9s 1.4s 1.3s 2.0s 1.9s 2.5s
Ion balance(V) -6V -8V -10V -10V
0.4Mpa Decay time(S) 0.5s 0.6s 0.6s 0.8s 0.8s 1.1s 1.1s 1.5s
Ion balance(V) -2V -8V -8V -10V
0.6Mpa Decay time(S) 0.4s 0.5s 0.5s 0.7s 0.8s 1.1s 1.0s 1.3s
Ion balance(V) -7V -7V -8V -8V

Note: testing conditions (62%RH, 22℃).