Wrist Strap Monitor,QUICK495B


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1. Can monitor ESD wrist strap and grounding situation continuously, suitable for applications that require good anti-static status.
2. Ensure static charges to be eliminated from human body by real-time monitoring, and decrease damage by static charge.
3. Compact design, easy operation.


Input voltage DC 6-12V
Working current <50mA(DC 12V)
Dimensions 75(L)*46(W)*27(H)mm
Weight About 50g (exclude accessories)
Power supply DC 6-12V(inductive transformer)

Note: Power supply is optional.

Test parameters of QUICK495B

Standard resistance Indictor status
675KΩ Red(Fail)
825KΩ Green(Pass)
9MΩ Green(Pass)
11MΩ Red(Fail)